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ГДЗ Голицынский 10 11 класс

The bedroom and the study are small. This is a boy. There is a proverb: Whete are the cutlets? The sky was grey and it was raining.

ГДЗ, грамматика издание 7 по английскому языку 5-11 класс Голицынский задание 10

There are some plates, some forks and some knives on the table. My father and mother have lunch at work. In front of the window we can see an armchair. Is there a bus stop near the building?

We listened to a very interesting lecture on English literature yesterday. He has no brother, but he has a sister. Yesterday at the lesson of geography the teacher told us some very interesting things about famous travellers.

My mother likes to play the piano. I work in the morning and in the afternoon. Give me a pencil, please. His sister is a pupil.

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